The databank Urbamet

publié le 20 novembre 2013 (modifié le 14 septembre 2016)

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Urban planning, housing and construction news and records

URBAMET, the French library databank on urban development, town planning, housing and accommodation, architecture, public facilities, transport, local authorities etc., offers over 250,000 document references today. It is focused primarily on France and Europe, as well as the major cities around the world and in developing countries. URBAMET’s collection comprises a very wide range of documents (notably journals, theses, books) and one of its specific features concerns the wealth of its collection of studies and research reports.

URBAMET is primarily intended for town planners, local elected representatives, architects and urban development professionals, as well as researchers and students, librarians and documentalists, etc.

Created in 1978, URBAMET is based on a co-production network spanning the documentation centres and libraries of several government bodies, universities, local authorities and research offices. Since March 2000, the members of this network have joined together as part of the association.

URBAMET can be consulted on the Urbadoc web site, alongside the 6 other European databanks addressing these issues.
The documents referenced in URBAMET can be accessed via loans between libraries by the documentation centres owning the documents (see classification).